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atonement [[deletion]] of the [[unclear]] [[/deletion]]. The same Pleminius [[deletion]] was of [[unclear]] his [[/deletion]] [[addition]] before this being [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] by his [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] miserably treated by [[deletion]] [[unclear]] to pieces and [[/deletion]] his nose and his own soldiers ears being maimed ^ [[deletion]] [[unclear]] after [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[underline]] almost left dead [[/underline]] [[/addition]] [[deletion]] he [[/deletion]] [[addition]] he was [[/addition]] sent to Rome ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] in order to answer [[/underline]] [[/addition]] for [[deletion]] the sake [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] of being tried. But he [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] himself But before his cause [[/addition]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] could be heard he died [[/underline]] [[/addition]] in prison of [[deletion]] of being fryihten'd. [[/deletion]] [[addition]] a distemper of [[/addition]] the most loathsome kind. Xerxes before the naval fight where he was taken by Themistocles sent 4000 armed men to Delphos to plunder the temple of Apollo it was ^ [[addition]] as [[/addition]] if he carried on the war not only with all Greece but also with the immortal Gods. Which body of men [[deletion]] was [[/deletion]] [[addition]] were [[/addition]] totally destroy'd by the rains and lighthings: that he might understand that no men had strength enough to fight against the Gods.