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Additional papers relating to George III and Queen Charlotte

1. Papers relating to George III
2. Papers relating to Charlotte, Queen Consort to George III

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Additional papers relating to William IV and Queen Adelaide

This collection holds a miscellany of papers, mostly letters, that belong to the period before William became King in 1830, when he was still the Duke of Clarence, and some date before his marriage…

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Clayton Papers

Letters primarily from Caroline, as Princess of Wales and Queen, with a few from some of her daughters, to Charlotte, Mrs William Clayton (later Lady Sundon). c. 1716 - c. 1737 [?] and undated.

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Diaries, essays, and notes of Queen Charlotte

1. Diaries, 1789-1794
2. Notes and essays on religion and religious works, [1761-1818]
3. Notes and essays on history, [1761-1818]
4. Notes on literature, [1761-1818]
5. Miscellaneous, [1818-1857]

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George II

1. Letters and correspondence of George II, 1715-1823
2. Private papers of George II, [1714]-1759
3. Miscellaneous, 1717-[?1769]

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George III medical papers

Daily reports from the King's Physicians to the Prince Regent on the state of the health of George III.

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Georgian manuscripts in the Royal Library on medical matters


- Journals of Robert Fulke Greville, volumes 1-3
Robert Fulke Greville (1751-1824) first served as Equerry to George III, becoming Groom of the Bedchamber in 1800 until his dismissal due…

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Papers of General Jacob de Budé

Papers of General Jacob de Budé, Aide-de-Camp to George III

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Papers of Sir Henry Halford

The collection consists of letters to Sir Henry Halford from Princesses Elizabeth, Mary and Augusta; and further correspondence and writings relating to the King's health by Halford's fellow…

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