Guidelines for Specific Collections

Guidelines for Specific Collections

Here are instructions and examples for cases unqiue to select collections.

Lady August Murray

Lady Augusta Murray's Book of Cures

 This book contains instructions written as lists in two or three columns, as well as an index.

When columns are separated by a dash or dotted lines, type four dots or periods. 

Screen shot of the document

for ditto

Powdered Bark.... 1-ounce

Red Port.... 1 Pint

Water.... 1 Pint

Acid Elixir of Vitriol.... 2-tea spoon fulls
of this take a Wine glass full, 3 or 4 times
a day. ....

Put one line space (press “Enter” twice) between rows, just as between paragraphs. Sometimes, one column will contain more lines of text than the rest of its row. Begin a new line normally, without trying to align it with the rest of the column.

While we ask that transcribers maintain the original line breaks (in other words, hitting "Enter" once after the last word of the line on the page), the columns may not align visually.

As with all other documents, do not indent or add extra spaces between words in order to replicate the alignment.

Screen shot of the document


medicines/to cure Purgings

To check purgings.... [[underline]] --15 or 20--[[/underline]] Grains of
prepared Chalk or
magnesium Calcined

for ditto.... [[underline]] 15--or 20 [[/underline]] Grains of
Japan Earth
Cinnamon &
Rhubarb. ....

Some of these lists include portions that have been circled or enclosed in a shape resembling a box or bubble. Simply use the underlined text guidelines. In these cases, all of the enclosed text is considered underlined.

Screen shot of the document

[[underline]] Essence, or Extract of malt for Scurvy, Coughs
Mr W. Hollsworth no 80 East Smithfeild,
194 [[/underline]]

Lady Augusta Murray's Commonplace Book

 For this document, follow the same instructions for transcribing lists in Lady Augusta Murray's Book of Cures.

Screen shot of the document

List of the Kings, & Queens of England.

Norman Line.... began to reign

[[underline]] William ye Conqueror [[/underline]] .... 1066.... [[underline]] Matilda. [[/underline]]

[[underline]] William Rufus [[/underline]] ....1087....

[[underline]] Henry I [[/underline]] ....1100.... { [[underline]] Matilda, [[/underline]], daughter of
[[underline]] Malcolm III [[/underline]] of Scotland

[[underline]] Stephen [[/underline]] ....1135....

The Saxon Line

Papers of Sir George Lee of Hartwell


This collection includes many simple receipts. Receipts for quarterly bounty payments usually contain a few lines of text accompanied by the amount paid. 

Transcribe all of the text followed by the amount at the end. Because we ask transcribers not to use indents, the "£sd" columns will not necessarily align as originally intended. 

In instances when the amount is between two lines without the £sd labeling, use the guidelines for underlining. 


Screen shot of the document

April 15th 1755 Rec'd of the
Right Honourable: Sr George Lee
Treasurer & Her Royal Highness
the princess dowager
of Wales the sum of fifty
pounds, being one quarter
of Her Royal Highnesses Bounty
to me to Lady day Early
by me

Francis Ayscough.

[[underline]] £ s d [[/underline]]
[[underline]] 50.00.0 [[/underline]]



Screen shot of the document

January the 30th: 1755

Receivd of Sir George Lee Treasurer to Her
Royal Highness the Princess of Wales the
Sum of twenty five pounds for one quarter of
a year of Her Royal Highness's Bounty to the
5th Instant.

Recd: by me

Mary Anne Cottrell

[[underline]] £ 25: 00: 00 [[/underline]]

Princess Augusta Sophia

Many of Princess Augusta Sophia's letters appear with another letter behind it. When encountering these letters, transcribers should only transcribe the foremost letter. 

Letter by Augusta Sophia with instructions for transcription