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and went to Caeris which was [[deletion]] in the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] the place to [[/addition]] which the Vestals were walking. So that he preffered the religion of the publick to his private concerns, and he preserved the difference [[deletion]] of [[/deletion]] [[addition]] between [[/addition]] divine and human things. [[image]] Wicked Men sooner or later are punish'd [[image] When Pyrrhus King of Epirus [[deletion]] was coming [[/deletion]] [[addition]] in his return [[/addition]] [[deletion]] back [[/deletion]] from Sicily he passed by [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] Locres ^ [[addition]] with his [[/addition]] fleet; he plundered the Treasury [[/deletion]] [[addition]] robbed the temple [[/addition]] of Proserpine of its Treasure, [[deletion]] of the consecrated Proserpine, [[/deletion]] and having placed the money in the Ships, [[deletion]] he went with it to his [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] he left the place [[/addition]] [[deletion]] Country [[/deletion]]. What [[deletion]] therefore happened [[/deletion]] [[addition]] was the consequence? [[/addition]] The next day his fleet was ^ ^ [[deletion]] torn to [[/deletion]] [[addition]] beat to [[/addition]]