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The town being taken and plundered to fulfill his vow ^ [[addition]] the Senate [[/addition]] he sent three Embassadors [[deletion]] to the Senate [[/deletion]] who were to carry a golden Goblet to Delphos as a gift to Apollo. These [[deletion]] thing [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Embassadors [[/addition]] being taken by the Liparen [[deletion]] tian [[/deletion]] [[addition]] sian [[/addition]] pirates not far from the Sic [[deletion]] cilan [[/deletion]] [[addition]] ilian [[/addition]] str [[deletion]] ates [[/deletion]] [[addition]] eights [[/addition]] [[deletion]] was [[/deletion]] [[addition]] were [[/addition]] carried to Lipares. It was the custom to divide the plunder among the citizens, as [[deletion]] a part of the publick [[/deletion]] [[addition]] being acquired by a Publick Robbery [[/addition]] [[deletion]] larceny [[/deletion]]. By chance ^ [[addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] he [[/addition]] Timasitheus was this year the chief Magistrate a man more like unto the Romans that to his own nation: who himself both reverenced [[deletion]] both [[/deletion]] the Embassadors and the God unto whom the prese [[deletion]] t [[/deletion]] nt was to have been sent [[addition]] and who [[/addition]] fill'd the multitude ^ [[addition]] with a [[/addition]] [[deletion]] by [[/deletion]] just ^ [[addition]] sense of [[/addition]] religion: he gave a publick entertainment to the Embassadors and ^ [[addition]] also [[/addition]] sent them