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where [[deletion]] frankencies [[/deletion]] [[addition]] as above [[/addition]] grow, remembering what was said by Leonidas he sent to him a great deal of of [[deletion]] frankencies [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[foreign:Latin]] vide supra [[/foreign]] [[/addition]] and other sweet odours and advised him [[deletion]] of [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] that for the future he should not be so sparing in doing [[deletion]] y [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] h [[/deletion]] honour to the Gods. [[image]] The Wicked do not appease God with gifts [[image]] The first worship of the Gods is, to believe in them. Afterwards to know [[deletion]] those who [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] than they preside [[/addition]] [[deletion]] on [[/deletion]] [[addition]] over [[/addition]] the world, [[deletion]] who [[/deletion]] [[addition]] and [[/addition]] carry on the guardianship of human kind and take care of every one singly. Would you rather the