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Latin [[underline]] Words and Phrases [[/underline]] Sphinx, is_ A sphinx. Psittacus, i_ A parrot. Crumena, ae_ A purse. Comitialis Inorbus_ The falling sickness. Merces, ectis_ Pay, reward. 10 Cerebrum, i_ The brain. Acerra, ae_ A censer Suffitus, ûs_ A perfuming. Jejunus, a um_ Fasting, jejune. Obruo, ui, ĕre_ To overwhelm. Nihildum_ Nothing as yet Lepor, oris_ Elegance Pavesco, avi, ĕre_ Expavesco, are, ere_ To be frightened Incessus, ûs_ The Gait, manner of walking [[image]] Vecor [[unclear]] ia, ae_ Frenzy.