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Lain [[underline]] Words and phrases [[/underline]] Praecipio. epi, ĕre_ To teach, command, Egestas, atis_ Want Fastidiosus, a um_ Squeamish Foedus,oris_ A league confederacy Morior, us, ri To die Vas, vadis_ A surety Anceps, tis_ Doubtfull Metuo, ui, ĕre_ To fear [[note]] 20 [[/note]] Plecto, plexi, ĕre_ To punish. Misceo, ui, ēre_ To mix Inhibeo, ui, ēre_ To inhibit, forbid [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] Reor, atus, eri_ To esteem Amplector, us, i_ To embrace Facere pluris_ [[deletion]] to esteem [[/deletion]] To esteem more [[note]] 28 [[/note]] uro, ussi, urĕre_ To burn [[image]]