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Latin [[underline]] Words and Phrases [[/underline]] Affinis, is_ {Neighbours, {relations by {marriage [[note]] 30 [[/note]] Belluinus,a um_ Brutish [[image]] Caducus, a um_ Frail, perishable Victus, us_ Food Inanis, is_ Empty Immanitas, atis_ [[deletion]] Moroseness [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Cruelty [[/addition]] Anquiro, i, ĕre_ {To enquire {make dilligent {search Virus, i_ Poison Suggestus, us_ A Desk, Rostrum Perpo, emsi, erĕ_ To creep Assideo, ēdi, erē _ To set by Afflatus, ûs_ A Breathing upon Inquino, avi, are_ To defile, [[deletion]] defeat [[/deletion]]