Letter from John Belson to Messrs. Coutts describing his financial circumstances and difficulties, and explaining that he cannot currently repay his loan [to General de Budé].

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mine is in [[underline]] advance [[/underline]], where Two years and as I must have a part of it to go on with it will [[underline]] never [[/underline]] be free till my situation in life is better'd. so the idea of making it now is [[underline]] incredible, cannot be done: ask any [[/underline]] legal man's ideas of it, so this matter is answer'd. I once more say, to offend the Genl. is my chief distress, to be imprisoned by him will not lessen my [[underline]] opinion [[underline]] of [[underline]] him [[underline]] or my [[underline]] sense of his past goodness to us [[/underline]]. Besides I am as it were in [[underline]] confinement already [[/underline]], for I am [[underline]] held to Bail [[/underline]], in [[underline]]divers matters [[/underline]] and of course must go to the Fleet The moment called in by their [[unclear]] I believe [[underline]] next time it must be my Bail of course and not to pay my debts it was done.