Letter from John Belson to Messrs. Coutts describing his financial circumstances and difficulties, and explaining that he cannot currently repay his loan [to General de Budé].

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Sirs I sit down, to reply to your letter, [[underline]] without loss of time [[/underline]]. I am very sorry, any [[underline]] inconvenience [[/underline]], is felt by Genl. Bude, by my disappointment as to the 1000£ legacy, and my other loss of income [[underline]] since I first saw Him [[/underline]] as my chief anxiety is, to give Him [[underline]] recurring [[/underline]] cause of offence, after his singular attention to me and my little Boys. The fact is, the story is so clear and my conduct so honorable in life that if properly explained, [[underline]] pity [[/underline]] , must soon follow resentment. I am not the first Officer, [[underline]] high [[/underline]] or [[underline]] low [[/underline]] in [[underline]] rank [[/underline]], who cannot honor, to a [[underline]] moment [[/underline]], his note of hand: there is no [[underline]] culpability [[/underline]] in it if the 1000 £ was ever due me as [[underline]] first legal opinions state [[/underline]], so it must [[underline]] remain [[/underline]] for [[underline]] Ever [[underline]] But if 5 £ was only wanted to pursue the cases [[unclear]] [[unclear]] [[underline]] payment [[/underline]] of It. I have it not, so help me God, me and mine, Literally want Bread, or at least, [[underline]] all but Bread, in [underline]] these times [[/underline]] we have but 82 £ in all a year [[unclear]]