Letter from Rear-Adm. Sir Samuel Hood to General Jacob de Budé sending thanks for letters received, promising to assist Mr Stillingfleet [?] in his naval career, expressing appreciation for the King's decision to award the booty taken at St Eustatius to the British Fleet and Navy, describing recent actions against the enemy and the subsequent movements and state of various British ships, reporting the landing of enemy troops on St Lucia and their subsequent hasty departure, and his fear that enemy forces were heading to the East Indies and America.

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and am in pain for Commodore Johnson, God grant my apprehensions may be groundless, & that all possible success may attend the Expedition! There is great knowledge, great courage, and great judgement in both the commanding officers, and if they cannot command success, I am sure they will deserve it. When we weighed anchor from before Antigua, Sir George Rodney meant to have looked at St. Lucia, as I understood him, but he seems now to be pushing to Barbadoes (whose we shall probably be tomorrow morning) for the purpose I imagine of watering the Squadron for not three ships in it, have more than eight days, and many not so much, and have been for sometime at very short allowance which is very distressing to sickly crews. I have long been apprehensive of the difficulties we now experience, and in march, when I found the Squadron & Convoy [[catchword]] seen [[/catchword]]

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