Letter from Rear-Adm. Sir Samuel Hood to General Jacob de Budé reporting on the state of the British fleet, the movements and likely intentions of the French and Spanish in the West Indies, and his fears that the French may intend to send ships and troops to America; and partial duplicate [0672a], which is dated 9 March and has some text missing.

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is to carry with him from 3. to 4000 Men. The Armament from Brest is said to consist of from 10, to 12000 Men to be escorted to Martinique by 9 Ships of the Line how far the disasters the Latter ships & troops have mett, may affect the plan of attacking Jamaica is uncertain, but I think it will not be attempted till de Grasse joins the Spaniards; and probably he will not move a single man from Martinique till he is reinforced from Brest. I long now to be to wind ward of Martinique, as the French troops must I imagine be upon their passage The 15th of last month was the day fixed for the great Convoy’s sailing —. Sir George as talked for three days past, of my going off Fort Royal, as he also has of my going to wind ward, an likewise of my going to retake Montserrat; St. Kitts he tells me has been under consideration to be attempted, but that General [[catchword]] Mathews [[/catchword]]

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