Copy extract of a letter from Gen. Sir Guy Carleton to Maj-Gen. Archibald Campbell replying to a letter received and reporting that he has issued orders for troops to be sent to Jamaica as soon as the evacuation of Charlestown is completed, requesting that as this leaves other areas potentially in danger there should be a delay in the sending of any troops from Jamaica to the Spanish Main, and also asking that some of the troops he is sending might be sent in due course 'to the Northward' along with any weak and sickly regiments currently in Jamaica.

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Extract of a letter from General Sir Guy Carleton, New York 12th November 1782; to General Campbell Governor of the Island of Jamaica; “I Yesterday received your Excellency’s letter of the 7th of October, by His Majesty’s sloop Du Guay Trouin, in Consequence of which I dispatch immediate orders to Lieutenant General Leslie, Commanding in South Carolina, to send to Jamaica, the moment the evacuation of Charlestown is completed, the 3d, 63d, 64, and 74th Regiments, Six Companies of the 82nd, and two of the 84th amounting to 42 Commissioned, and 10 Staff Officers, 133 Serjeants, 70 Drummers, and 1315 Rank and file; which I expect will be ready to sail on the arrival of the dispatch—These are all the British there, except some detachments of Very in considerable numbers, whose Regiments are in this district, or Prisoners. The relief sent you on this occasion, and so early in the season, exposes The Kings service in other parts to difficulties and danger, which the importance of Jamaica, [[catchword]] together [[/catchword]]