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so after all the irregularity in which this is done You must order them to get ready. When I asked about their being presented He said they might still be presented on Thursday. That is what You must find Out. Yrself whether that is feasable or Not. I now beg leave to say that as I do Persuade myself of Yr being totally ignorant of what has passed, that You will have the goodness to explain the Meaning of this in Yr Answer For I am sure Neither the Duke nor the Dutchess will ever let Her set off without receiving a Letter from the Kg, Nor indeed can she [[deletion]] go [[/deletion]] [[addition]] come [[/addition]] without Lrd Malmsbury's demanding Her in Form which cannot be till He receives the Kgs answer If I have said more than I ought It is owing to my zeal for I cannot bear that any thing I love should appear Neglect(ful) in Common attentions to any body, but still less to the Kg when I know He means You should be happy soon, So all I have said is owing to the good Wishes of Yr very affectionnate Mother Charlotte the [[underline]] 5th Decbr 1794