Letter from Queen Charlotte to the Prince Regent

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Copy Answer N. 1 Windsor Castle Sepr. 3d 1813 My Dearest Dutchess I was just getting into my Carriage when Your Note was brought to me, which is the cause of my not answering immediately The time for my going to London for a few hours only, is not as yet fixed and must depend upon Circumstances of which I hope to be informed tomorrow. As to dear Charlottes wish of going to Town the same day to see Lady Burghurt before Her departure for Vienna, I must by to be informed by You, if She has with the Prince's Knowledge received Her Visits or not this Winter, for tho' every body speaks well of Her and that by Her Amiable Conduct She is universally approved of. I do not look upon myself as Empowred to encourage any new acquaintance to be made by Charlotte [[underline]] unknown [[/underline]] and [[underline]] unsanctioned [[/underline]] by the Prince Her Father I feel very sorry for not acquiescing with on all appearance dear Charlottes innocent request, without further information from You and by You will state my objection by shewing Her my Note (signed) Charlotte