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My Dearest Son. Unwilling as I feel to trouble You upon A Subject on which We have unfortunately differed and which therefore has become doubly painful to Me; I am driven to the Necessity of acquainting You that I received last Night a Letter from My Eldest Nephew [[underline]] Couched in Terms so Offensive and so insulting to My feelings as a Mother and a Woman [[/underline]] and in which He has so entirely lost Sight of what He owes to My Station and I may add to [[underline]] Yours also, that I cannot with any regard to Decency shew it to any Individual of my Family [[/underline]] -- You will however be able to judge of its Tenor from the Answer which I have sent to it and of which I inclose a Copy which I request You will Shew to the Duke of Clarence. Strong as it may appear I must assure You