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68. Danegeld was left off in this great Reign & notwithstanding the long wars he was engag'd in, we don't find he laid a single tax on His people for the Support of them, for the only two extant that were levy'd in the tenth & last year of this King, were given to the Holy War; Scutages indeed He took, tho' Sparingly, but they cannot be look'd upon as taxes, but commutations only of personal service into money, it was therefore owning undoubtedly to the King's great oeconomy & prudent management of His ordinary Revenue, that He was enabl'd to carry on such Wars, live with somuch magnificence, lay out So much more on Castles, Houses, Parks & c. & yet have where with all left, to apist the poor man, & to reward Merits. This King ever appear'd Serious on Religion, & yet many antient writers attack him with