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67. that purposes of the greatest probity & Capacity, continualy making progresses through some part or other of His Dominions when The Poor & oppress'd had an easy access to Him, at these times He punish'd severely any of His officers who had abus'd their power, & the care of Widdows, Orphans, the Poor & oppress'd made a constant part in His instructions to them. He was fond of thinking, yet [[deletion]] remain'd [[/deletion]] [[addition]] chang'd the [[/addition]] punishments of the Forest Laws from death to a short imprisonment. It is very remarkable that after having got the better of the Rebellion raisidly His sons, He did not put one Man to death, nay He restor'd all the Rebels to their Estates that had been confiscated during the troubles. Tho' treason was so frequent, He never inflicted a great punishment than banishment, & frequently remitted that; the odious tax of