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64. His love for the fair Rosamond; this Young [[note]] 1182. [[/note]] Prince died in 20th. year of His age, & was succeeded in His rebellion by Richard His new Brother, who join'd the King of France to attack Henry His Foreign Dominions, the ill success the King met with in this War forc'd him to accept the terms of Peace offer'd Him [[deletion]] when [[/deletion]] by His Son Richard & Philip King of France; by this Peace Henry's Vassals were to swear allegiance to Richard as the Successor to the throne; He sign'd this treaty when very ill [[note]] 1169. [[/note]] & died Soon after, broken with years & family misfortunes; but the thing above all others that is said to have hasten'd His death, was the discovering His favourite Son John's name in the list of those that had associated themselves with Philip & Richard & this notwithstanding the immunitable favours He had leap'd upon Him, creating