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46. with which He restor'd His Nephew Malcolm's son to the Throne of Scotland usurp'd by His & that King's Brother. He had great disputes in the latter part of His Reign with Anselm Archbishop of Canterbury, who arm'd with the Papal Authority, forc'd the King to a Shameful Submission. In 1100. William lost His life hunting in the new Forest for one of His Company Shooting at a Stag, lodg'd the Arrow in His Breast. This Prince was Bold & Warlike, fond of great Armys to whom He gave great Sums at the Expence of His other Subjects; He as extrem'ly passionate, proud & talkative without the least tincture of Litterature, but yet had a vein of Wit & Humour; He affected great State, He detested the English tho' He ow'd His Crown to them, faithless in all treatys, & irreconsilable when ofended; He had a mortal