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43. besides 60,000. pound Weight of Silver, most of this after paying his Father's Legacys, He distributed amongst the Soldiers, whose assistance He had great Occasion for, as His Brother from being Eldest drew many of the Nobility & c. to His Side; Robert of His Father's death went from Abbeville to Rouen to take possession of Normandy; this Prince was like His Father bold, Vigorous, with great Capacity & Judgment, great Skill & experience in War, but these were attended with defects that [[deletion]] prov'd of fatal [[/deletion]] [[addition]] kept His Friends [[/addition]] from depending, & expos'd Him to the contempt of His Enemys; Indolent neglecting His proper business, for play, Wine & Women, to all which He was extrem'ly addicted, by this innatention His People were much oppress'd with remedy; He was immensely good Natur'd, obliging, & compassionate to the distress'd; Mild in punishing, patient under