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40. first Politician of the Age, well vers'd in the Arts of Government, able in the choise of measures, & knowing well how to time them; but there appears more little art than true Greatness in His Politick; He is Said to have been Religious, Affable, & Gentle, to the Clergy, & to those who Submitted entir'ly to Him; part of this can hardly be reconcil'd with the Oceans of blood Spilt in His Reign; He certainly paid no manner of regard to His Coronation Oath, exercising the greatest despotism on the Persons & fortunes of His Subjects, particularly of the English. From all this we must infer this Prince was not without great &, Shining qualitys, & of the kind necessary for Government in those days; but bred up amidst the Sound of Faction & of Arms, forcing His way to His own Hereditary Dukedom by the Sword, & after getting the Crown of England, pertualy surrounded by