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37. Besides [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] an Income of £1,500,000. William kept up [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] Army of 60,000. Knights without any expence; notwithstanding which the English in 1071. & 1072. attempted to fling off the Yoke by the help of Malcolm King of Scotland; but they lost all hopes by a Peace being concluded between the two Kingdoms; this was follow'd soon after by a conspiracy of the Normans among whom were several of the King's best Friends, & Walthe of who was the last Englishman that retain'd any considerable interst in the Nation, & it was for this He lost His Head, for when acquainted with the Plot He would not join the others, & was the first Person that reveal'd it. In 1081. a Survey was made of all England known by the Name of Doomsday book. In 1083. William's Queen Matilda did, He had by Her four Sons, Robert William