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William who after His return had been quelling insurrections in different parts of the Country march'd to the North; upon His aproach the Danes retir'd to their Fleet, He immediately besieg'd the Town which He turn'd into a [[deletion]] blockhead [[/deletion]] [[addition]] blockead [[/addition]] & took it by famine, had the Earls of Mercia & Northumberland join'd the malecontents at this time, the Normans would probably have been destroy'd; but they either out of fear of William, or out of hatred for Edgar remain'd quiet; as for the Danes it is affirm'd by most Writers they were bought off by the King, which Edgar & the English Barons perceiving, they left the Danish fleet & retir'd to Scotland. As nothing could establish William so much as these unsuccessful attempts, against Him, He accordingly found [[deletion]] Himself [[/deletion]] [[addition]] His crown [[/addition]] settl'd on a much solider basis than He could have expected, He had