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33 they had enjoy'd under William the Confessor, but oblig'd to go back for the defence of Normandy, He dispers'd His troops in Castles & garrisons all over the Country, taking away from the People the Barons that by the Saxon Laws each Householder was oblig'd to keep by Him. He committed the Government of the Kingdom to His half Brother Ado, & carry'd away with Him as Hostages most of the principal Nobility. During His absence many insurrections happen'd in different parts of England, & many of the Nobility who had been Stripp'd of their Estates, retir'd into Scotland to Edgar Athelin, whose Sister was Marry'd to King Malcom. He join'd by these march'd into England at the Head of a Scotch Army, & join'd a great body of the Danes sent by Swein King of that Country with His two Sons Harold & Conute; they took York & put all the Normans to the Sword