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31 Chap. VI. From the Accession of the Normans [[underline]] to Henry II. [[/underline]] The Normans a mixture of the Saxons, Danes, Norwegians, began to infest the German & Western Oceans about the ninth Century, & tho they often made discents on the Coasts yet did not Settle till the time of Rollo one of their Danish Chieftains who join'd with Several other Norman Commanders laid ^ [[addition]] great part of [[/addition]] France waste, & in the Year 911. ^ [[addition]] forc'd Charles the Simple [[/addition]] to a treaty by which He gave Him the Country since call'd Normandy, & His Daughter in marriage; He was Succeeded by His son William, whose Son & grandson reign'd after Him; the last of these nam'd Richard left two Sons, the Elder dying, Robert the Second His Brother setting out for the Holy Land made all His Barons take an oath of fealty to His Son William then 9. Years old; this precaution