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the odium upon himself. + Chap. IV. The Government of the Danes. Upon this unhappy event Canute was proclaim'd King, who making use of the old maxim that traitors are never to be depended upon, put most of those who had betray'd His predecessor to death, & among the rest Edrick, His Sons, & great numbers of the first Nobility related to him; & to break still more the power of the English Nobility, He gave many of their Estates to the Danes, & wink'd at their plundering whatever they pleas'd. In this terrible manner did Canute lay the foundation of His Government, which producing a general discontent, made it necessary for Him to take every precaution to secure His possession; He had most to fear from Ethelred's two Sons in Normandy; to avert that Storm, He propos'd to the Duke to marry Emma