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19. Canute afraid to risk the event of the morning, retreated with His forces to London that He had block'd up; thither Edmund follow'd him & routed him in three different battles the last of which would have been decisive against the Danes if Edric's accustom'd treachery had not prevented it; the fate of War after this turn'd against the King; but He collecting another Army was just on the point of engaging Canute, when a Treaty was agreed upon by which the Dane remain'd in possession of Northumberland & Mercia; this Peace was in a few weeks follow'd by the inhuman murther of this Great & Gallant King; this happn'd at Oxford by the Agents of Edric, who persuaded Canute to Send Edmund's two Sons Edwin & Edward to the King of the Suevi with letters desiring him to put them to death, not caring to take