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England despoticaly & was the occasion of all the Misfortune of this Reign The first step Edward took by the advice of Godwin was to Seize His Mother's Treasures at Winchester, for so far was the King from being rapacious, that He took off the Heavy tool of Danegald, tho this gain'd Him the affection of the People, yet His great partiality for the Normans with whom He pass'd his early life, lost Him the hearts of the Nobility; of these He invited over several, to Some He gave Bishopricks; He bestow'd the Archbishoprick of Canterbury on one Robert a Norman Monk, on whose Counsels He greatly depended, & thus by degrees introduc'd the Norman Language & Customs into England. Earl Godwin highly exasperated at the Archbishop's favour, begun to sow Sedition amongst the Nobility, when an Accident happen'd that produc'd an open revolt, Eustace Count of Bologne marry'd to Sister of