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Murther of Ethelred's Son Alfred; He dying in 1040. Hardicnute Succeeded to the whole Kingdom; He was Alfred's half Brother being Son to Emma, who in revenge of His Brother's death, order'd Harold's body to be dugg up & cast into the Thames. We have nothing further to say of this Prince who died in 1042. except the tenderness He show'd His Mother & His half Brother Edward whom He invited over, & kept with Him. Chap. V. From the restoration of the Saxon Race to the arrival of the Normans. The English tir'd of the Foreign Yoke; rose in all parts, & massacr'd the Danes, & gave the Crown to Edward, from His gentle behaviour call'd the Confessor, who preferring a private life, was with great difficulty brought to accept it, & the more so as one of the conditions was His marrying the Daughter of Earl Godwin a very amiable Princess Herself, but sprung from a very turbulent family; Her Father having with His Sons the Hereditary Governments of half the Kingdom, by which means He govern'd