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Settlements by Edmund. This fatal custom was immitated by the different Hereditary Governors, & were in Such numbers when Ethelred came to the Crown, that He durst not punish them tho guilty of many disorders, & well known to be in continual correspondence with their Pyratical Countrymen. In this dreadful Situation, when the English by long Peace had lost the Art of War, & Military Sword in the hands of Seditious Governors & Mercenary Soldiers, the Danes landed in 991. with an Army in Essex, who after defeating several different bodys of Men, were got rid of by a Shameful treaty wherein Ethelred consented to pay them 10,000. [[addition]] £ [[/addition]] This only encourag'd others to come in greater bodys the following Year, who were however at last defeated & drove back; these Invaders had hitherto consisted only of Pyrates, & private Adventurers; but in 993. Swein King of Denmark, & Aulaf of Norway came up the Humber with a Great Fleet, winter'd in Yorkshire