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had been Seen before. He left the Crown in 975. to His Son Edward, under him the Nation continu'd in peace at least with regard to Foreigners, for the Monks were ever busy in disturbing the Country. He was treacherously murder'd by His Mother in Law, whose Son Ethelred, Edward's half Brother succeeded to the Crown. This Prince had a good disposition, but coming too Young to Empire, was a prey to the flattery of Courtiers, who for their own sakes carefuly encourag'd Him in the fatal habits of love of ease & pleasure, that made him totaly unfit to struggle with the Many Storms that threaten'd Him; tho' brave He knew not who to trust, which naturaly fought on a Conduct full of diffidence, with fluctuating & uncertain counsels. As this Reign pav'd the way to a Danish Scepter, it will be necessary to examin into the State of the Country. During the Heptarchy the Civil & Military power were lodg'd in the [[underline]] Aldermen [[/underline]] or Earls, who by their