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coming soon after to Britain built the Wall that carrys his name, to prevent the incursions of the Calidonians. After the death of this Emperor the Affairs of Britain went well or ill according to the turn of the Succeeding Emperors, & the Situation of the Roman Empire; nor did anything of great consequence happen during some of the following Reigns, Usher, Camden & Gildas, plac'd the Conversion of this Island in the Reign of Constantius, Dioclesian's partner; but others think there was no form'd Church until after the Year 250. Severus in the Year 210. after Several attempts to Subdue the Calidonians, made peace with them, & rebuilt Adrian's Wall; from this time to the Reign of Dioclesian there is a profound Silence in all Historians with regard to Britain. In this Emperor's Reign Carausius a Batavian of mean birth having amass'd great Sums of prizes made upon Pyrates, came over to Britain, & was by the Roman Soldiers there, declar'd Emperor; but 7.