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Caligula's intention of invading Britain, & His Triumph of Coecle-Shels are known to every body, but this piece of folly prov'd fatal to the Britons, who judging from thence the Romans to be affraid of them, suffer'd themselves to be surpriz'd by Claudius the Weakest of His Successors; His Lieutenant Plautius beat them in Several encounters; but the Emperor coming with a new army assisted by His General Vespasian, Subdu'd the Belgick Nations, while Plautius carry'd on a Successful, tho' more difficult war against the old Britons, Headed by Caracticus one of the Greatest Princes of that Country. Various were the enterprises form'd by Succeeding Roman Generals, till at last in the Year 80. Agricola Subdu'd all England, after which He attempted the reduction of the Northern part of the Island, & tho' Successful, yet abandon'd again all the Country North of the Friths of Clide & Forth, leaving the Calidonians to their liberty; & the Emperor Adrian