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9. Writers [[deletion]] place [[/deletion]] [[addition]] make [[/addition]] the Conversion of the Saxons to Christianity [[note]] + 560. [[/note]] to be owing to Burtha Daughter to a King of Paris, marry'd to Ermenrick King of Kent. [[addition]] + [[/addition]] About 669. many of the Romish Doctrines were brought into this Country, such as Monkish Institutions, Relicks, Purgatory &c. by two of the Bishops that had been bred abroad Theodore, & Winfred, & this in opposition to the Christian Religion practic'd by the Britons, & Scotch Doctrines who as we have observ'd before had had Christianity among them from an early date. We Shall pass over the History of the different Kingdoms of the Heptarchy & only observe that the Royal Line failing in most of them they run into Faction & disorder, when Egbert succeeding to the West Saxon Throne, united the whole Heptarchy [[note]] [[symbol]] 823. [[/note]] under His government. [[addition]] [[symbol]] [[/addition]] [[note]] * 835. [[/note]] In this King's 32d. Year [[addition]] * [[/addition]] the Danes first invaded England in any Number; for We hear of Some few of them being in the Year 787. tho' He repuls'd them, they return'd again & met with a great defeat. The next Prince we think worthy of notice was the Great Alfred Grandson to Egbert; this was one of the best Princes of the Saxon Line, He was perpetually attack'd by the Danes, with whom He at last Made Peace, bestowing on them the Kingdom of the East Angles & Essex in Fea; this Done [[addition]] done [[/addition]] He apply'd Himself to ^ [[addition]] regulating the [[/addition]] various parts of the Government of the Country.