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[[deletion]] That [[/deletion]] [[addition]] As [[/addition]] if each member should take it in its head, that it could be strong & well, if it could draw to it [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]] self the nourishment of the next member, it would necessarily weak & destroy the whole body; so, if every one of us should endeavour to get the goods of others for ourselves & detract for our own use, whatever might be of advantage to others. the Society & community of men would necessarily be overturn'd. For [[deletion]] as [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] that [[/addition]] every one ^ [[addition]] may [[/addition]] [[deletion]] had [[/deletion]] rather acquire for himself, what is necessary for the carrying on of life, than for another is allowed, & the law of nature says nothing against it: but nature does by no means allow ^ [[addition]] us [[/addition]] to increase our means, wealth, & influence by the spoils of others. Nor is this only ^ [[addition]] agreeable to [[/addition]] the law of nature which is the law of Nations