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to me; & [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] shun those things which I disaprove [[deletion]] & [[/deletion]] avoiding ^ [[addition]] by means the [[/addition]] arrogance ^ [[addition]] & rawness [[/addition]] of affirming, [[deletion]] avoid [[unclear]] [[addition]] than that [[/addition]] [[/deletion]] which is widly different from wisdom? it is our practice to dispute against every But. [[deletion]] on the other hand all things are disputed [[/deletion]] things, because this probable which we follow cannot be clearly made out unless [[deletion]] by us which cannot [[/deletion]] a dispute was carried on about those points which come But these things are ^ [[addition]] as I think diligently [[/addition]] enough explained in our Academics. [[deletion]] I think [[/deletion]] But You my dear Cicero, altho you are conversant in the most ancient & [[deletion]] in the most [[/deletion]] noble philosophy [[deletion]] & [[/deletion]] cratippess being [[deletion]] the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] your [[/addition]] teacher [[deletion]] of it [[/deletion]] those great men who * founded that Philoso_ yet I would [[deletion]] not [[/deletion]] have you [[deletion]] [[unclear]] of this [[/deletion]] [[addition]] acquainted with our [[/addition]] Philosophy which is [[deletion]] so [[/deletion]] near a kin to yours. But we will now [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] go on with our design.