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But as we have been objected to by some & even by [[deletion]] But it appears to us, & indeed we see n [[/deletion]] wise and learned men, whether we act consistantly with ourselves, when we say that nothing is clearly perceived, yet [[deletion]] that are [[/deletion]] are accustom'd to treat of other things, & [[deletion]] that we best [[/deletion]] this present time [[deletion]] follow [[/deletion]] [[addition]] lay down [[/addition]] the precepts of duty; I [[deletion]] would [[/deletion]] [[addition]] wish [[/addition]] that our opinion [[deletion]] [[unclear]] own [[/deletion]] ^ ^ [[addition]] was well understood: [[/addition]] for we are not like those whose minds wander in error & have no ^ [[addition]] fix'd rule [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] to follow: for [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ^ is that mind, or rather what kind of life [[deletion]] which whose [[unclear]] is so great [[/deletion]] [[addition]] does he lead who had no one principle [[/addition]] [[deletion]] who only in [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] of [[/addition]] disputing [[deletion]] but also in [[/deletion]] ^ ^ ^ [[addition]] or even [[/addition]] living? But we [[deletion]] call those [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] as others call some [[/addition]] things [[deletion]] [[unclear]] certain or [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] others [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] uncertain; so, in differing from them, ^ [[addition]] we [[/addition]] maintain that some things are probable, others improbable. Therefore what is there that should hinder me, [[addition]] from [[/addition]] follow those things which seem probable