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And I wish the republick stood in the same [[deletion]] way [[/deletion]] [[addition]] condition [[/addition]] as it did in its first beginning; and that [[deletion]] she [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] it [[/addition]] had ^ [[addition]] not [[/addition]] fallen into the hands of men ^ [[addition]] not [[/addition]] so desirous of [[deletion]] change, as of which [[/deletion]] [[addition]] reforming it as of over [[/addition]] [[deletion]] distraction [[/deletion]] ^ ^ [[addition]] turning it [[/addition]: for in the first place, as we were accustomed [[addition]] to do [[/addition]] while the republick stood, ^ [[addition]] we would have [[/addition]] placed our labor more in acting than in writing; afterwards we should not have committed those things to writing which we have [[deletion]] done [[/deletion]] now, ^ [[addition]] committed [[/addition]] but the part we ourselves bore on the administration as we have done before in many instances. But when the republick (in which I used to place all my thoughts & care). was totally destroyed, & I had no more business either in Senate or in the Forum.