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Not in any Empire so strong as to be able to stand against the fear of the people. Of this Phalenias is a proof, whose cruelty was greater ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] & more talked of [[/underline]] [[/addition]] than any bodys; who did not perish by snares; [[deletion]] but by the [[/deletion]] [[addition]] as Alexander of whom we have [[/addition]] before spoken; who was not killed by a few ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] as our Caesar [[/underline]] [[/addition]] but [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] was fallen upon by the whole nation of the Agrigentines. What! [[addition]] [[undelrine]] did not all [[/underline]] [[/addition]] The Macedonians [[deletion]] all [[/deletion]] ^ [[deletion]] right [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] leave [[/addition]] Demetrius I joined with Pyhrus? What! [[deletion]] All [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] did not all [[/addition]] the allies of the Lacedemonians ^ [[addition]] on a sudden [[/addition]] desert then because they govern'd unjustly & were they not inconcern'd spectators at the battle at Leuctra?