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Gentleness & clemency [[deletion]] [[unclear]] to be used, [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] ought to be so far approved [[/addition]] as is consistent with the use of severity when [[deletion]] severity may be used for the good of [[/deletion]] the publick good requires it, [[deletion]] without [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] because without such severity [[/underline]] [[/addition]] the state cannot be ^ [[addition]] well [[/addition]] governed. For where [[deletion]] there is [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] all [[/addition]] difference between the good & bad ^ ^ [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] is [[/addition]] taken away, confusion [[deletion]] will [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] & every evil work will [[/addition]] follow [[deletion]] & [[unclear]] of [[unclear]]. [[/deletion]] It [[unclear]] not becoming to [[deletion]] [[unclear]] ^ ^ ^ [[addition]] make us of [[/addition]] an undistinguishing clemency [[deletion]] [[unclear]] proper [[/deletion]] extending to all alike & [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] to forgive all is as much [[/addition]] cruelty as to forgive none. Whosoever spares the bad hurts the good. He invites crimes, who [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] passes them by [[/addition]] We ought to [[addition]] observe a mean [[/addition]] [[deletion]] keep a [[unclear]]. [[/deletion]] But because [[deletion]] this [[/deletion]] ^ [[addition]] this [[/addition]] is difficult [[deletion]] to keep the middle way, what [[/deletion]] [[addition]] whatever degree of punishment would [[/addition]] exceed the crime should preponderate in favor [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]], or the criminal.