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can make [[deletion]] those [[/deletion]] ^ ^ [[addition]] those who govern [[/addition]] so agreable to the people as moderation & being free from all rapa [[deletion]] t [[/deletion]] [[addition]] c [[/addition]] iousness. Therefore it is the chief thing in [[deletion]] all [[/deletion]] [[addition]] the [[/addition]] administration of publick affairs & in [[addition]] every [[/addition]] publick [[unclear]] to drive away even the least suspicion of avarice. When Cimon saw all the magistrates of his age, besides Aristides Ephialtes, making a traffick of the republick [[deletion]] & Athens & that they had [[unclear]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] got great [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] [[/deletion]] at Athens, & that they had got great fortunes by these means; he took an other method, & kept himself free from every taint of avarice, he constantly refused all gifts that were offered him, & through his whole