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Latin [[underline]] Words and Phrases [[underline]] C. 3d. Coarguo, ui, ĕre_ To convince. Pravus, a um_ Bad, perverse. F. Cervix, icis_ The neck. Condere gladium_ To put a sword. N. Fulmen, inis_ Thunder C. 3d. Disco, didici, ĕre_ To learn Insuavis, e_ Unpleasant, disagreeable. C. 3d. Inungo, i, ĕre_ To daub, annoint. Praeco, onis_ The publick cryer. 10. N. Scrinium, i_ A desk, escrutore Fictilis, e_ Earthen , made of earth C.2d. Succenseo, ui, ēre_ To be angry. Sero_ Late. [[unclear]] Medior, eri_ To cure N. Virus, i_ Poison C.3d. Retundo, udi, ĕre_ To blush [[image]]