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2. of them was taken by ye. Britons in 1708. but by a shameful neglect taken by ye. French to yue. Eternal dishonour of Britain in 1756. [[image]] [[deletion]] tho' ye [[unclear]] is all said to be ye. best [[/deletion]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] ye Mediterranean [[/deletion]] . In 1704, ye. Britons made themselves Master of Gibialtar a fortress on a little slip of Land which comes into ye. Mediterranean; ye. Spaniards are very jealous of this, & therefore ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] ye. two Courts [[/underline]] [[/addition]] will never be thoroughly united, [[deletion]] with [[/deletion]] [[addition]] till this [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] till [[unclear]] is [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] is restor'd & some equivalent [[/addition]] found for it. [[deletion]] As to trade [[/deletion]] Spain is ye. best Situated of any Km. in Europe for trade, but from ye. want of men they make but little Wine & Oil tho' they might have both in immence quantities & excellent; their Wool & Silk is fine; but it is all work'd up either in Britain, France, Holland or Geneoa, except Some black Cloths yt. they make at Segovia, & Some taffetas at Toledo & Grenada; only ye. fleet they Send yearly to America, & ye. trade ye. Biscayners [[deletion]] carry [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] have [[/addition]] with France, is carried on by Spaniards, all their other dealings are in foreign bottoms, so yt. ye. Spaniards can not man above 20. ships of ye. line with their natives.