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4. produces Corn. Wines Wool &c. good Pasture [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[underline]] chief manufactures are those of [[/underline]] [[/addition]] linen, Woolen, & Ironware. 5. produces Good Pasture, Corn &c. good Wine. their Wool is bad. 35. abounds in Corn &c. ye. Mountains parts. are said to produce better past. yn. ye. Valleys they have seve. Iron Mines which have consum'd great p. of ye. Wood which was for. there. they Cut Masts of Ships from those Mount. they have good quarries of Alabaster, & Some of Jasper, & very consid. Salt works. 6. is very Barren has some Copper. Iron. & lead Mines II Fran a Parl for You x with ye. necessaries of life, but what is ye. most to be admir'd [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] is its happy Constitution, by which their is three