Copy of a letter from General G. Christie to Ensign William Rogerson, sending questions to which answers were demanded 'relative to the Dishonorable Surrender of that Important Island [St Eustatius] and of St Martin's to an handful of French troops'.

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Barbadoes. Decemr. 11th: 1781 Sir. As you have come here as an Officer upon Parole of His Majesty's 13th Reg part of the late Garrison at St. Eustatius without bringing me from the late Command of His Majesty's Troops in that Garrison a single scrape of Paper or any satisfactory account from either the Lieut. Colonels next in Command there relative to the Dishonorable Surrender of that important Island and of St. Martin's to an handful of French Troops, the former with a Garrison consisting of 723 and the latter 63 effective men including Officers making 786 as good Troops as in in his Majesty's Service ~ Therefore to enable me to state to the Secretary of State for the King's information the particulars of so singular an Event - I do require and desire you, not only to give Answers in writing to the questions I have hereunto annex'd but also add thereto every other particular you can think of to thou light on this important Business I am Sir Your most Obedient Humble Servant Signed G. Christie