Letter from George III to Major General Jacob de Budé, directing that Rev. Majendie should accompany Prince William as a governor when the Prince goes to sea, providing instructions as to what Majendie should teach the Prince, etc., and directing that he should send reports to de Budé for the King's information.

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Kew June 11th. 1779. George R. As my Dearly Beloved Son Prince William is on Monday to join Rear Admiral Digby, under whose Direction He is to learn whatever relates to the Naval Profession; I have thought it proper that the Rev.d Mr. Majendie should attend Him, that He may pursue, when not employed in the business of His Profession, those Branches of Knowledge which are essential to every Gentleman;but more so to those in the conspicuous Station it hath pleased the Almighty to place Him. Mr. Majendie from his natural Modesty must feel anxious on entering into so new a Scene of Life to be informed how he ought to conduct himself; Major General de Bude' is therefore empowered to acquaint him 1. That what I have most at heart is that he should take every proper opportunity of instructing my Dearly Beloved Son Prince William in the Christian Religion, to inculcate the habitual reading the Holy Scriptures, and to accompany these with Moral reflexions that may counteract the evil He may have but too many Opportunities of hearing. 2. That he is to pursue the Study of the Latin language as I am very desirous He should not only read it with ease, but taste its beauties. 3. That he is to practice compositions in English, that a facility may be attained in writing, and a degree of eloquence which must [[catchword]] be [[/catchword]]