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the Queen to the Prince of Wales Dec. 1796 When I tell You my dearest Son that I only received yesterday afternoon my answer about Ldy Templetown You will not I hope suspect me of forgetfullnefs or Neglect. The Truth is that Ldy Bath has no Personal acquaintance with Her & therefore could not give any Proper account of Her. I did therefore endeavour to get some Information somewere else, & find that She will not answer particularly well, As She is so much used to Society, that [[unclear]] Confinement would be irksome to Her, & more given to Polities than you perhaps wouldapprove of in a Nursery. I am truely sorry that as it ever is my Sincere wish to afsist You, that I have not been Succefsfull in this & feel still more Unhappy as the difficulty is so great to meet with any Body that will answer in every Respect. When I see you in Town by