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I need not my dearest Mary repeat what Your Sisters have already informed You of, namely Our Visit to Yr poor Brother Ernest suffise it to say that independent of ones Feeling towards Him, one can not but Lament to see so Fine a Creature so disfigured, but [[unclear]] God. He is most Miraculously saved to us, & [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] I have the Pleasure to afsure you that tho He was uncommonly Flurried when we came, The meeting being over has Clamed Him, & that has had a better Night & the Pulse from above a 100. was come down to between 80 & 90. __ Yr Letter giving also a [[unclear]] account of dear Amelia was a Philip to all & us enjoy a little more the Company we saw in the Evening, but upon the whole all we do goes so going the Grain that I feel happy with the thoughts of it being soon over for one can not divest oneself of what might have happened & how much worse it might have been without the most Gracious [[unclear]] ever